Bible Primer Coloring Pages

The Primary Teacher's Helper: God The Loving Father: vintage coloring pages with memory verses and simple assignments for preschool, kindergarten and 1rst - 2nd Grades
  1. "The Lord Is Thy Keeper" Psalm 121:5
  2. "Out of The Ground Made The Lord God to Grow Every Living Tree" Genesis 2:9
  3. "The Earth Is Full of Thy Riches" Psalm 104:24
  4. "The Lord God Made Every Plant of The Field" Genesis 2:4,5
  5. "The Lambs Are For Thy Clothing" Proverbs 27:26
  6. "He Sendeth The Springs Into the Valleys" Psalm 104:10
  7. "He Hath Filled The Hungry With Good Things" Luke 1:53
  8. "Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift Is From Above" James 1:17
  9. "Make Merry, And Be Glad" Luke 15:32
  10. "Thy Sleep Shall Be Sweet" Proverbs 3:24
  11. "God Is Love" 1 John 4:8
  12. "He Careth For You" 1 Peter 5:7
  13. "Care One For Another" 
  14. "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" Matthew 6:11
  15. "Let Us Do Good Unto All" Galatians 6:10
  16. "We Are Laborers Together With God" 1 Corinthians 3:9
  17. "There Shall No Evil Befall Thee" Psalm 91:10
  18. "I Am The Lord Who Healeth Thee" Exodus 15:26
  19. "All That The Lord Hath Said Will We Do, And Be Obedient" Exodus 26:7
  20. "He That Is Slow To Anger Is Better Than The Mighty" Proverbs 16:32
  21. "Be Content With The Things That Ye Have" Hebrews 13:5
  22. "Be Ready" Titus 3:1
  23. "Be Careful" Titus 3:8
  24. "They Helped Every One His Neighbor" Isaiah 41:6
  25. "For Lo, The Winter Is Past, The Flowers Appear On The Earth" Song of Solomon 2:11,12
  26. "If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments" John 14:15
  27. "Let Us Love One Another" 1 John 4:7
  28. "Blessed Are The Peace-Makers" Matthew 5:9
  29. "Be Ready To Every Good Work" Titus 3:1
  30. "A Man That Hath Friends Must Show Himself Friendly" Proverbs 18:24
  31. "A Righteous Man Regardeth The Life of His Beast" Proverbs 12:10
  32. "Every Man Shall Give As He Is Able" Deuteronomy 16:17
  33. "One God And Father Of All" Ephesians 4:6
  34. "Have We Not All One Father" Malachi" 2:10
  35. "The Lord Is Good To All" Psalm 145:9
  36. "The Earth Is The Lord's" Psalm 24:1
  37. "His Tender Mercies Are Over All His Works" Psalm 145:9
  38. "Be Ye Merciful, Even As Your Father Is Merciful" Luke 6:36 
  39. "All Things Were Made By Him" John 1:3
  40. "And God Said, Let The Earth Bring Forth Grass" Genesis 1:11
  41. "They Shall Also Make Gardens, And Eat The Fruit of Them" Amos 9:14
  42. "Thou Hast Prepared The Light And The Sun" Psalm 74:16
  43. "The Lord Prepareth Rain For The Earth" Psalm 147:7,8
  44. "And God Said, I Do Set My Bow In The Cloud" Genesis 9:12,13
  45. "He Giveth To All Life, and Breath" Acts 17:25
  46. "All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee" Psalm 145:10
  47. "The Sea Is His, And He Made It" Psalm 95:5
  48. "Learn To Do Well" Isaiah 1:17
  49. Blessed Is He That Readeth, And They That Keep Those Things Which Are Written" Revelations 1:3
  50. "Let Us Not Be Weary In Well Doing" Galatians 6:9
  51. "The Streets of The City Shall Be Full of Boys and Girls Playing" Zechariah 8:5
  52. "God Giveth Us Richly All Things To Enjoy" 1 Timothy 6:17

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