Monday, April 11, 2016

I love the little snowdrop flower...

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Description of Coloring Page: snowdrop chain, two little sisters, field of flowers, family, path, park, trees, fields, cloudy day, siblings
I LOVE the little snowdrop flower, 
The first in all the year, 
Without a stain upon its leaf, 
So snowy white and clear. 

I love a little modest child, 
That speaketh quietly, 
That blushes up to its blue eyes, 
And hardly answers me. 

I sometimes think the Church's Saints 
Are flowers so fair and bright 
And that her little children are 
Her snowdrops sweet and white 

For pure of heart, and innocent, 
And teachable, and mild, 
And modest in its ways and words, 
Should be a Christian child. 

I do not like a loud rough tone, 
A look too boldly set, 
A greedy hand outstretched to seize 
Whatever it can get. 

I'd rather meet with downcast eyes, 
Sweet voices low and faint, 
For gentleness and modesty 
Become a little Saint. 

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