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I will file the Bible inspired coloring pages under the following topics as the pictures are uploaded: bible stories, ancient cultures, contemporary Christian culture, multiple Christian traditions, Jewish culture and tradition, Christian history, simple subjects that enhance story telling and doctrine, symbolism, portraiture of famous people, Saints and saints, designs and the Holy scriptures.  Read and agree to our Terms Of Use before downloading.

My collection includes a wide variety of coloring page types for students of all ages. In addition to this visitors will also find coloring pages for primary aged children who are just beginning to make marks as well as coloring pages for intermediate and advanced coloring projects for older students. This is one of the characteristics of my coloring collection that sets it apart from many other coloring page files included on the internet.
Coloring pages here are also cleaned, redrawn and adapted especially for teaching.  I do not upload pictures here just to draw traffic. My goal is to offer one of the best resource files for Bible inspired coloring pages on the web. Please consider linking to this collection so that many more parents can use it to teach with. Spread the word through these simple gifts far and wide. This collection has been tithed to children everywhere.
  1. Spying in the Land of Canaan
  2. Loaves and Fishes
  3. Elijah Ascends To Heaven
  4. Day of Pentecost (stained glass coloring page)
  5. Jesus and The Children (stained glass coloring page)
  6. Zacchaeus the Tax Collector
  7. Wise Men Seeking Jesus (digital tracing)
  8. The Wedding Invitation (digital tracing)
  9. "Oh Holy Night"
  10. The Presentation in The Temple
  11. Noah and His Sons Build The Ark
  12. The Dove Returns to Noah
  13. Nativity With the Ox and Donkey
  14. Daniel In the Lion's Den (digital tracing)
  15. The Creation of Adam
  16. The Empty Tomb
  17. Jesus In The Temple (stained glass coloring page)
  18. Preparation for The Last Supper
  19. Sisters, Martha and Mary (stained glass coloring page)
  20. "Woman, Behold Your Son."(stained glass coloring page)
  21. Hannah Dedicates Samuel
  22. John the Baptist Beheaded
  23. Wise Men Still Do Seek Him
  24. Announcement of The Birth of Jesus (stained glass coloring page)
  25. Blessed Art Thou Among Women (digital tracing)
  26. The Angel Blesses Jacob
  27. Color This Donkey for Easter
  28. Color The Tower of Babel
  29. The Lord Is Risen! (stained glass coloring page)
  30. Arch Angel Michael Takes Satan Down 
  31. King Nebuchanezzar Is Confronted
  32. Color The Fiery Furnace
  33. Children of Israel in The Firey Furnace (14th Century version) 
  34. Shepherds Keep Watch 
  35. Creation of Fishes and Birds 
  36. Light of The World 
  37. Jacob's Dream by Rapheal
  38. Christ In The Temple as A Child
  39. Wise Men Travel From Afar 
  40. He Broke Bread With Us
  41. Christ Before Pilate
  42. "Asleep On The Hay" 
  43. The Holy Trinity Battle the Behemoth and Leviathan
  44. Noah had an arc . . .
  45. A Crowd Gathers (Nativity)
  46. God Will Provide The Appropriate Sacrifice
  47. Color Jesus in A Manger
  48. King David on His Throne 
  49. Jesus Teaches
  50. King David Plays His Harp
  51. Moses and The Then Commandments 
  52. Descending Through Water or Flames
  53. Queen Esther
  54. Samuel and his mother, Hannah
  55. The Gospel of St. Luke (stained glass coloring page)
  56. The Apostle Paul (stained glass coloring page)
  57. The Paralytic Man with His Friends
  58. Hagar and Ishmail (digital tracing)
  59. Wise Men from the East
  60. Mary Prays to Jesus
  61. Angel Raphael (stained glass coloring page)
  62. The Tender Kiss
  63. The Greatest Gift of All
  64. Christ teaching by the seaside (digital tracing)
  65. Good News Angel
  66. Gloria in excelsis deo (hymn about baby Jesus)
  67. The Divine Infant, Jesus
  68. Art Nouveau Angels with Sheet Music
  69. The baby Jesus and His mother Mary
  70. Jesus Is King (stained glass coloring page)
  71. Peace Angel
  72. A Greek Orthodox Portrait of Jesus
  73. Angel Warrior For The Lord
  74. He Has Come
  75. Jesus Holds The Scriptures
  76. Six winged cherubim
  77. The True King's Crown
  78. A Praying Angel
  79. The Child Jesus With Halo
  80. The Holy Trinity Sits On The Moon
  81. Like Us He Grew
  82. An Angel Plays the Bagpipes
  83. A Coloring Page of Correggio's Madonna
  84. Color This Angel Chorus
  85. Color This Angel with Flowers
  86. Drawing in The Net (digital tracing)
  87. Catching Fish
  88. Jesus Comforts the Sick
  89. Color The Pieta
  90. Sick Child
  91. Caring For A Lost Lamb
  92. Weaving a Reed Basket
  93. Mothers and Children From the Bible
  94. Camels
  95. Bedtime
  96. Two Cherubim in the clouds 
  97. The Triumphant Soul
  98. Shepherd Boy
  99. Pray Before Eating
  100. Grinding at The Mill
  101. Watching The Sheep
  102. Night Watch
  103. Color This Friendly Fish
  104. Angel in Throne Room of God (stained glass coloring page)
  105. Floating Cherubim
  106. Color This Oud and Hymn
  107. Flying Cherubim
  108. A Greek Orthodox Six Winged Cherubim
  109. Kinnor or David's Harp
  110. Jewelled Crown with Crosses
  111. Ancient Ship
  112. An Archbishop in Full Pontificals
  113. Color or Trace Saint Thomas Aquinas (digital tracing)
  114. A mean looking fish!
  115. The Holy Child Jesus
  116. Cross and Ivy Coloring Page
  117. Color This Sweet Little Fish
  118. Children of The World
  119. The Madonna of The Meadow by Raphael
  120. Color a Madonna by Filippo Lippi
  121. Color The Madonna With a Fish 
  122. His Kingdom Come
  123. Hebrews 6:19 - Ship At Sea (digital tracing)
  124. Isaiah 55:12 - Lilies and Pansies
  125. Revelation 14:7 - Seascape (digital tracing)
  126. Psalms 143:8 - Wild Rose (digital tracing)
  127. Job 34:29 - Passion Flower
  128. Fruit of The Spirit - Galations 5: 22-23 (digital tracing)
  129. Job 38:22 - floral
  130. Bless The Lord! - Psalm 103:2
  131. The Holy Trinity (stained glass coloring page)
  132. Scattering Seed (parable/digital tracing)
  133. Tongues of Fire (stained glass coloring page) 
  134. He Is Risen Indeed! Butterfly for Easter 
  135. Color Saint Cecilia with an organ
  136. The Dove Makes an Announcement 
  137. Symbol of The Holy Trinity in A Triangle 
  138. A Greek Trinity
  139. Symbol of The Holy Spirit
  140. The Word Made Flesh 
  141. Jesus Enthroned and Surrounded by Angels
  142. Divine Triplicity
  143. Four Coloring Pages of Saint Sava
  144. The Veil of Veronica 
  145. The Pelican in Christian Symbolism 
  146. Grape Motif to Illustrate Communion
  147. The Holy Communion Symbols
  148. Crucifixion Symbols
  149. The Alpha and Omega in Holy Scripture
  150. Crown With Cross
  151. Keys to The Kingdom and The Cross
  152. Color This Easter Cross
  153. A Lighthouse
  154. A Crown of Thorns
  155. A Symbolic Rose
  156. Anchor Symbol
  157. Agnus Dei and Bible
  158. Agnus Dei and Lantern
  159. Sacred Heart, Cross and Crown of Thorns
  160. Anchor and a Sacred Heart
  161. Scroll
  162. The Hand of Creator God
  163. Trefoil
  164. Lamp and Flame
  165. Anchor With Rope
  166. Early Pectoral Crucifix
  167. The Mystic Cross
  168. A Greek Agnus Dei
  169. The Sacred Heart and The Crown of Thorns
  170. Another Cross and Crown For You to Color
  171. Color a Lion From An Old Illuminated Manuscript
  172. Christmas Bells
  173. Color a Christmas Candle
  174. Star and Acorn Pattern
  175. Star and Clover Pattern 
  176. Snowflakes and Hearts Pattern 
  177. Fleur De Lis Pattern 
  178. A Family Record Page for a Bible 
  179. Paper Jigsaw Puzzle Templates 
  180. Color a Big Eared Elephant
  181. Color This Wise Little Owl
  182. Color a Bell Quartet
  183. Saint Ferdinand (digital tracing)
  184. A Guardian Angel
  185. A Motherly Embrace
  186. King David Playing Bells 
  187. William Blake's Angels
  188. Jeremiah from The Sistine Chapel 
  189. Color a Family Prayer 
  190. God Made Google Eyed Fish Too!
  191. Jesus and The Children Stained Glass Coloring Page
  192. Bust of An Egyptian King
  193. Harp Players From Ancient Egypt
  194. Menorah and Star of David
  195. Samson Brings Down The House!
  196. Art Nouveau Nativity
  197. The Ascension of Jesus
  198. A Simple Annunciation To Color
  199. When War Breaks Out in Heaven
  200. An Angel Proclaims God's Word
  201. The Three Divine Heads: The Holy Trinity
  202. Saint Luke Represented as A Winged Ox 
  203. Color The Creation of Animals 
  204. An Angel Calling and Appointing The Saints 
  205. A Huntsman Brings Home His Catch
  206. Color a Potter Shaping a Vessel
  207. Plowing The Field
  208. Color Assyrians Having a Banquet
  209. Egyptians Gathering Doora and Wheat
  210. Color The Chaff Driven by The Wind
  211. Looking Across The Rooftops
  212. An Assyrian Woman Walk To The Market Place
  213. Color This Assyrian King and Queen
  214. A Coloring Page of Ancient Assyrian Soldiers 
  215. Geometric Stained Glass Coloring Pages, three versions (scripture included)
  216. A Greek Orthodox Portrait of Jesus by Kathy Grimm 
  217. Transfiguration at Chartres Cathedral (stained glass coloring page) 
  218. Color a Golden Censer From Russia
  219. Scriptures Teach The Holy Trinity (stained glass coloring pages, 3)
  220. Last Supper Carved Into Wood  
  221. The Anointing of Jesus
  222. A Greek Orthodox Virgin and Child
  223. Easter Eggs by Kathy Grimm
  224. Christ Crowned with Thorns by Anthony van Dyck 
  225. Praying With Mother 
  226. Arresting Jesus at Gethsemane (stained glass coloring page) 
  227. Pray To The Lord 
  228. Holy Ghost Descend On Us! 
  229. Color This Cross in The Clouds 
  230. Color A Christian Missal
  231. Color The Holy Communion
  232. Assyrian horses and cart 
  233. Color An Ancient Hunting Dog 
  234. Birth of St. George 
  235. Color These Lilies for Easter
  236. Jesus Explains The Meaning Behind His Parables
  237. Color Rameses II as A Child 
  238. Women Carry Water Jars on Their Heads
  239. Coloring Page of Assyrians in Battle
  240. Hebrew High Priest to Color
  241. Color These Pentecost Flames
  242. Syrian Women Grinding Corn
  243. The Royal Crown of Thorns
  244. Crafting Tents and Living Under Them (two pages) 
  245. When thou art kneeling down at night...
  246. The angels stand around Thy Throne...
  247. I love the little snowdrop flower...
  248. Little birds sleep sweetly...
  249. Within the churchyard, side by side...
  250. I knew a little sickly child...
  251. Once in royal David's City...
  252. All things bright and beautiful...
  253. We were only little babies...
  254. On the dark hill's western side...
  255. Now the dreary night is done... 
  256. Color a Crayon Cross
  257. Color this musician playing an Irish harp 
  258. Interior of a Cathedral 
  259. Samson carries the doors and posts of the city gates (digital tracing) 
  260. The Serpent of Brass 
  261. Daniel's Prayer 
  262. Coloring page of Galatians 6:14 
  263. Illustration of Angel based upon William Blake's poem (digital tracing)
  264. Psalms 91:11 (scripture included)
  265. A female saint coloring page (stained glass)
  266. Home From The Hunt...
  267. Color a Royal Barge Sailing Down The Nile
  268. Color This Egyptian Donkey
  269. Here is An Egyptian Princess for You To Color
  270. Egyptian royal guards for coloring
  271. Egyptians also liked to draw and color birds
  272. Color This Egyptian Headdress
  273. Color an Egyptian Throne 
  274. Greek mother and child coloring page
  275. Color a Greek Chariot
  276. Color Greek musicians playing flutes
  277. This Greek musician is playing a trigonon 
  278. The unjust steward coloring page (illuminated letter)
  279. Jesus talks with Mary and Martha by Siemiradz
  280. Ancient Greek Motifs of Animals and People (2 pages) 
  281. "The Handwriting is On The Wall"
  282. Color These Gowns Worn by Ancient Greek Women (2 pages)
  283. Coloring pages of Greek Male Costume (3pages)
  284. Color Noah Receiving the Dove
  285. Color Joseph's Coat Shown to Jacob
  286.  Deaths of The First Born
  287. Color Moses Striking the Rock
  288. Bringing Down The Walls of Jericho
  289. Matthew 16:16 Coloring Page (scripture)
  290. Psalm 150:6 Coloring Page (scripture)
  291. A Grand Pipe Organ Coloring Page (scripture)
  292. Glass-Painting from Cathedral at Ratisbon (stained glass coloring page) 
  293. Coloring Page of a Medieval Stained Glass Window (stained glass coloring page) 
  294. The Crown of Life 
  295. Crucified for Us Coloring Page 
  296. Color an Ornate Communion Cup 
  297. Two pages about Saint Arthmael or Saint Armel 
  298. Jesus Is King of Angels Coloring Page
  299. Coloring Page of Philip Melancthon
  300. A coloring page of Erasmus
  301. The Candelabrum Moses Used for The Tabernacle
  302. Xerxes the great king on his throne
  303. Ancient Greeks consulting oracle at Delphi
  304. An elaborate, ancient Egyptian vase for coloring
  305. These Greek women are performing a dance 
  306. The Ark of the Covenant Coloring Pages 
  307. The Laborers in The Vineyard Coloring Page
  308. Jesus explains the scriptures to any man who will listen... 
  309. Born for The Cross Coloring Page
  310. Color a Mosaic of Saint John
  311. Color a Mosaic of Saint Andrew
  312. Guardian Angels by Walter Crane 
  313. Color THE King of Love for Christmas 
  314. Carried Into Heaven 
  315. Color an Apostle in Stained Glass
  316. "O is for Organ Music" coloring page
  317. Building a pipe organ for the church...
  318. Color this clergyman reading a manuscript
  319. A lady plays a pipe organ
  320. Color this rose window with geometric shapes 
  321. Jesus King of Angels
  322. At the cross, bearded and human 
  323. Color Saint Elizabeth of Hungry
  324. Humble Hermits coloring page
  325. Color St. John Berchmans as a child 
  326. Color the Madonna of The Green Cushion
  327. Color a Coronation Mosaic by Gaddo Gaddi
  328. The Divine Trinity coloring page
  329. Add colorful windows to these Gothic traceries...
  330. "I know my sheep..." (stained glass page)
  331. Parents baptize their child into God's family... (stained glass page)
  332. Color an important walk to Emmaus...(stained glass page) 
  333. Color the people taking Communion (stained glass page)
  334. Two Camels for Coloring
  335. Two Ostriches for Coloring
  336. Two Squirrels for Coloring
  337. Two Pigeons for Coloring  
  338. Coloring page of Matthew 6: 28-29 (scripture included)
  339. Coloring page of Proverbs 22:5 (scripture included)
  340. Coloring page of 2 Peter 3:18 (scripture included)
  341. Coloring page Song of Songs 6: 2-3 (scripture included)
  342. Coloring page of Matthew 7:16 (scripture included)
  343. Coloring page of 1 Peter 1:24-25 (scripture included)
  344. Three hymns and church window coloring pages 
  345. Color Jesus turning the water into wine...
  346. Coloring page of Deuteronomy 18:4-5 (scripture included)
  347. Coloring page of Jeremiah 31:12 (scripture included)
  348. Jesus in the carpenter's shop coloring page
  349. Jesus cleanses the temple coloring sheet
  350. Jairus' child brought to life coloring sheet 
  351. Peter Holds The Key to The Kingdom (stained glass coloring page) 
  352. Color Jesus surrounded by an aureola... 
  353. "Sleep Holy Babe" for Christmas Coloring 
  354. "La Natividad de Nuestra Senora" coloring page 
  355. Martin Luther's family Christmas 
  356. Color a stained glass star (stained glass coloring page) 
  357. Resurrección (poem in Spanish) 
  358. 1 John 4:15 in Stained Glass Coloring Page (stained glass coloring page and scripture included)
  359. "Raise Up The Cross" coloring page 
  360. Stained glass coloring page of a knight praying...
  361. St. Peter's Window coloring page...(stained glass coloring page)
  362. St. Timothy's Window coloring page (stained glass coloring page
  363. Little Valentines for Children To Color 
  364. "Above All Be Loving..."
  365. The Canigiani Holy Family Coloring Page
  366. A Cherubim Valentine Design for Coloring  
  367. Fern and Flower Valentine 
  368. Color an Orthodox Madonna
  369. Color a repeating pattern with hearts
  370. "For the joy of ear and eye..."coloring the hymns 
  371. "I am the resurrection and the life..." coloring page for Easter
  372. Agony In The Garden coloring page 
  373. Kiss of Judas and Prostration of The Guards 
  374. Entry Into Jerusalem (Sarcophagus)  
  375. Color The Mocking of Christ 
  376. Joseph's Dream Coloring Page (scripture included)
  377. Color Joseph Drawn Up From the Pit
  378. Color Joseph Wrongly Accused
  379. Pharoah's Dream Interpreted Coloring Page
  380. Joseph's Brother's Bow Down To Him  
  381. Color The Sending of Benjamin
  382. Joseph Tests His Brothers
  383. Peace Between Brothers Coloring Page
  384. Coloring Page of 2 Chronicles 16:9 
  385. Two Annunciation Coloring Pages  
  386. The Gingerbread Angel "Peace Among Men" 
  387. Color The Visitation 
  388. Water Lily Valentine Coloring Page 
  389. Color this pony with a Psalm to remember... 
  390. Color the guardians of children...
  391. The Lord is good to all... 
  392. I Am The Good Shepherd
  393. Hiding Treasure in The Earth Coloring Page 
  394. Color The Prodigal Son
  395. Color The Feast of Booths... 
  396. Three harvest coloring pages 
  397. Color The Women at The Sepulchre 
  398. Color Belshazzar's Feast 
  399. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Coloring Page 
  400. An Angel Appeared to Joseph In a Dream... 
  401. Calling of James and John Coloring Page
  402. Coloriage de Jeanne d'Arc et sa garde écossaise ("Joan of Arc and her Scottish Guard") 
There are 402 quality, Bible coloring posts with coloring pages indexed here thus far.

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