Monday, April 11, 2016

The angels stand around Thy Throne...

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Description of Coloring Page: angels, heaven, praying, worshiping, singing to God
Thy will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven 

THE Angels stand around Thy Throne, 
And wait Thy bidding every one, 
As stars around the full bright moon, 
Or clouds beneath the setting sun. 

Fair creatures, beautiful and bright, 
They do the will of GOD on high, 
His ministers to us on earth, 
Unseen their white wings gliding by. 

And children, too, may do GOD'S will, 
Each in his lowly earthly place ; 
For CHRIST hath said, " Our Angels bright 
Always behold the FATHER'S Face." 

LORD, when we say, " Thy will be done," 
May heart to lip be ever true: 
O ! give us grace to serve Thee here, 
As gladly as the Angels do. 

Like Him, the lowly Child, Who dwelt 
Where gleams the Galilean sea, 
Whose meat it was to do Thy will, 
Our Guide, our Trust, our Pattern, He. 

And if Thou send us pain or grief, 
If loss or anguish e'er befall, 
Still teach us, though with quivering lip, 
To say, "Thy will be done in all." 

Thus did our LORD in anguish pray, 
Saying, " Not My will, LORD, but Thine;" 
So kneel we at our FATHER'S Feet, 
And all our wills to Him resign. 

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