Terms Of Use

The Bible coloring pages found on this blog are free to use only if you use them within particular boundaries. What this means is that coloring pages here may be used freely by Christian  non-for-profit organizations, Catholic or Protestant, Baptist or Reformed, Independent or Messianic or Jewish, etc.. under certain conditions. Freeware does not mean absolutely free, I have listed the explicit circumstances in which the Bible coloring pages may be used below in all countries.

A list of uses are:
1. church/synagogue newsletters electronic or hardcopy
3. church/synagogue or parochial school related e-mail
4. church/synagogue bulletins electronic or hardcopy
5. advertising of Christian/Catholic/Jewish events (No tee shirts, please.)
6. worksheets for Christian/Catholic/Jewish schools and Sunday schools
7. VBS, Vacation Bible School
8. power point and slide shows developed by certified teachers, missionaries, pastors, priests, rabbi and church staff
10. church or Christian/Catholic/Jewish school letterhead and stationary
11. For personal coloring projects at home by any parent or child wishing to explore the Bible or color stories, persons, places or events from the Bible.
12. Orphanages or learning centers that choose to teach about the Bible and offer coloring activities for their children
13. Social services and non-profit organizations printing materials for children to color.
14. Homes for the elderly and retirement centers by any staff or active participants working with or at the home.

Do not use the blog entries or coloring pages for publications that promote hate speech, pornography, gambling, or any other unlawful activities. It is unethical to republish content in order to drive traffic onto pages that promote criminal activity. Coloring pages here are for churches (any denomination), synagogues, schools and private home use only. All jpgs./pngs are copyrighted by the Kathy Rice Grimm. Do not burn the graphics to a CD collection, nor include them in any other online collection of clip art/ coloring pages. If our patrons should ever see these coloring sheets or read our articles on those pages that promote the trafficking of slaves, pornography, gambling, or the promotion of ‘hate’ speech please inform our staff immediately! We state explicitly our beliefs here, obviously we do not ever intend for the artwork to be used unlawfully, unethically, or for immoral practices.  Educators, ministers, rabbi, priests, church staff, and parents working with children may print as many Bible coloring pages as they need without hesitation.

Do not use the content of this blog for third party profits. In other words, do not upload it into your own web collections and then advertise next to the content for your own profit. 

Do not hotlink to the images. These graphics are designed primarily for publishing projects, and arts/crafts. If you are in ministry on the web and would like to include an image within the context of an article, write me and ask. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft! It is illegal to hotlink to a copyrighted image unless you have either paid for it or have special permission to do so.

All of the content on our posts is now designated as copyrighted material, unless otherwise stated, by a content management service in order to successfully prosecute copyright violations and identity theft on the web. 
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For further inquiry you may write the staff at pickandprintgallery@yahoo.com