Monday, April 11, 2016

Now the dreary night is done...

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Description of Coloring Page: This coloring page based upon a old children's hymn, words below

NOW the dreary night is done, 
Comes again the glorious sun, 
Crimson clouds, and silver white, 
Wait upon his breaking light. 

Glistening in the garden beds, 
Flowers lift up their dewy heads, 
And the shrill cock claps his wings, 
And the merry lark upsprings. 

When the eastern sky is red, 
I, too, lift my little head. 
When the lark sings loud and gay, 
I, too, rise to praise and pray. 

SAVIOR, to Thy cottage home 
Once the daylight used to come ; 
Thou hast ofttimes seen it break 
Brightly o'er that eastern lake. 

Child of Mary, Thou dost know, 
What of danger, joy, or woe, 
Shall to-day my portion be, 
Let me meet it all in Thee.  
Thou wast meek and undefiled, 
Make me holy, too, and mild ; 
Thou didst foil the tempter's power, 
Help me in temptation's hour. 

Thou didst love Thy mother here, 
Make me gentle, kind and dear ; 
Thou wast subject to her word, 
Teach me to obey, O LORD. 

Fretful feelings, passion, pride, 
Never did with Thee abide ; 
Make me watch myself to-day, 
That they lead me not astray. 

With Thee, LORD, I would arise, 
To Thee look with opening eyes, 
All the day be at Thy side, 
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