Saturday, May 20, 2017

Parents baptize their child into God's family...

Description of The Coloring Page: pictured above is a baptismal font, acolytes holding a baptismal candle, godparents present the baby, priest baptizes baby using a shell in the hand 
       Infant baptism is followed by confirmation when children reach ages of consent in older Protestant and Catholic churches; this age usually 10 to 14, although their are some Catholic churches that start confirmation classes when children are 7 or 8. Before confirmation, children study the Bible in classes lasting from 6 months to a year, so that they make a profession of faith that is informed.      
       During the confirmation ceremony, children are asked a series of questions about the general tenants of the Christian faith and then they publicly announce their intentions to follow Jesus. In the church banners with baptism symbols are hung everywhere. The children's confirmation is seen as an important part of their faith journey, a continuance of their commitment to reaffirm what was done for them as infants. 
       In churches where this system of baptism is normal, adults are baptized by the same methods. First, they take a short Bible study to learn the basic principles of the faith, then they are publicly baptized before witnesses or an entire congregation, after making a statement about their faith.
       In times of war, or under special circumstances, adults may request immediate baptism of either a ordained individual or an ordinary believer and receive it from them, according to the doctrines of my own church.

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