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When thou art kneeling down at night...

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Description of Coloring Page: praying, kneeling, children mother, wash bin, bedroom, dark, rock to sleep
And forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. 

WHEN thou art kneeling- down at night, 
Beside thy mother's knee to pray, 
And thinking over all thy sins, 
Done through the busy day ; 

Then call to mind thy brother's wrong, 
To strife by angry passions driven, 
And in thy heart forgive him all, 
As thou would'st be forgiven. 

Go, throw thy little arms around 
His neck, and kiss him tenderly, 
Nor turn away with pouting lip, 
And sullen tearful eye. 

Thou hast sinned more against thy GOD, 
Than ever brother sinned to thee ; 
If He should turn away His face, 
How wretched would'st thou be. 

Dost thou remember when thy LORD 
Hung on His cruel Cross so long, 
How in His agony He pray'd 
For those that did Him wrong? 

They nailed His hands, they pierced His feet, 
Their angry hearts no pity knew, 
"FATHER, forgive them," was His cry, 
"They know not what they do." 

Go, seek thy little brother's side, 
And press to his thy rosy cheek, 
And whisper the forgiveness free 
He is too proud to seek. 

Then as the brightest ray from heaven 
Doth on the glittering dewdrop fall, 
Thy penitence shall be received, 
And GOD forgive thee all. 

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