Monday, April 11, 2016

I knew a little sickly child...

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Description of Coloring Page: bed, sick, sorrow, dove, window, plant, bedding, curtains, text below
I believe in the Holy Ghost. 

I KNEW a little sickly child; 
A The long long summer's day, 
When all the world was green and bright, 
Alone in bed he lay. 
There used to come a little dove 
Before his window small, 
And sing to him with her sweet voice 
Out of the fir-tree tall. 

And when the sick child better grew, 
And he could crawl along, 
Close to that window he would creep, 
And listen to her song; 
And he was gentle in his speech, 
And quiet at his play; 
He would not for the world have made 
That sweet bird fly away. 

There is a Holy Dove that sings 
To every Christian child, 
That whispers to his little heart 
A song as sweet and mild. 
It is the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, 
That speaks his soul within, 
That leads him on to all things good, 
And holds him back from sin. 

And he must hear that still small Voice, 
Nor tempt It to depart, 
The SPIRIT great and wonderful, 
That whispers to his heart; 
He must be pure, and good, and true, 
Must strive, and watch, and pray. 
For unresisted sin at last 
Will drive that Dove away. 

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