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Within the churchyard, side by side...

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Description of Coloring Page: tombstones, grave markers, headstones, crosses, basket of flowers, two children, churchyard, church, trees, path, lawn, text below
The Resurrection of the Body. 

WITHIN the churchyard, side by side, 
Are many long low graves, 
And some have stones set over them, 
On some the green grass waves. 

Full many a little Christian child, 
Woman, and man, lies there; 
And we pass by them every time 
When we go in to prayer. 

They cannot hear our footsteps come, 
They do not see us pass, 
They cannot feel the bright warm sun 
That shines upon the grass. 

They do not hear when the great bell 
Is ringing overhead; 
They cannot rise and come to Church 
With us, for they are dead. 

But we believe a Day will come, 
When all the dead will rise, 
When they who sleep down in the grave, 
Will ope again their eyes. 

For CHRIST our LORD was buried once, 
He died and rose again, 
He conquered death, He left the grave, 
And so will Christian men. 

So when the friends we loved the best 
Lie in their churchyard bed, 
We must not cry too bitterly 
Over the happy dead; 

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