Monday, April 11, 2016

Little birds sleep sweetly...

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Description of Coloring Page: mother holds her baby, children sleep soundly, bed, cradle, rocking chair, window, curtains, yarn, knitting needle, wooden beams

LITTLE birds sleep sweetly 
In their soft round nests, 
Crouching in the cover 
Of their mothers' breasts. 

Little lambs lie quiet, 
All the summer night, 
With their old ewe mothers, 
Warm, and soft, and white. 

But more sweet and quiet, 
Lie our little heads, 
With our own dear mothers, 
Sitting by our beds. 

And their soft sweet voices 
Sing our hush-a-bies, 
While the room grows darker 
As we shut our eyes. 

And we play at evening 
Round our father's knees, 
Birds are not so merry, 
Singing on the trees: 

Lambs are not so happy, 
'Mid the meadow flowers; 
They have play and pleasure, 
But not love like ours. 

But the heart that 's loving, 
Works of love will do; 
Those we dearly cherish, 
We must honor too: 

To our father's teaching 
Listen day by day, 
And our mother's bidding 
Cheerfully obey. 

For when in His childhood 
Our dear LORD was here, 
He too was obedient 
To His Mother dear. 

And His little children 
Must be good as He, 
Gentle, and submissive, 
As He used to be. 

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