Monday, April 11, 2016

We were only little babies...

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Description of Coloring Page: baptism, sponsors, sacrament, priest or minister, big brother, baby dedication, church, heavy door, baptismal font, lyrics below


WE were only little babies, 
Knowing neither good nor harm, 
When the Priest of GOD Most Holy 
Took us gently in his arm. 

And he sprinkled our young faces 
With the water clear and bright, 
And he signed our SAVIOR'S token 
On our little foreheads white. 

In the Name of GOD the FATHER, 
Of the SON, and HOLY GHOST, 
He baptized us then, and made us 
Soldiers in our Master's host. 

Then we promised by our sureties, 
Vowing for us solemnly, 
Manfully to fight His battles, 
Gentle, kind, and good to be. 

At our posts beneath His banner, 
We must watch, and strive, and pray, 
By the Grace of GOD within us 
Growing better every day. 

For the little flowers grow brightly 
In the early morning dew, 
And when GOD'S good SPIRIT feeds them 
Children's hearts grow holy too. 

We must keep our early promise, 
We must guard what He has given,* 
Till the LORD, Who loved and saved us, 
Take us to our home in Heaven. 

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