Saturday, February 18, 2017

Color angels in stained glass...

John Green's book above, my teachers sample below.

       One of my favorite coloring books published by Dover is by John Green. This collection of angels is printed on translucent vellum and little ones can hang up their color creations in the windows to watch the sunlight illuminate their progress.
       Teachers may download free samples of a few images to color themselves before purchasing the entire collection. I keep a book of sample pages on file to share coloring ideas with my companions or students.
       This coloring page demonstrates how I've applied pressure to my colored pencils in order to demonstrate gradation. Mastering a coloring skill such as this one is of primary importance when learning how to draw or paint more complicated art works. 
       Coloring books afford a fun and inexpensive way for students to practice gradation skills over and over, without becoming bored or frustrated with the repetitive process.

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